February 2013

Diet? Which Diet??

There are so many different websites and opinions about diet out there these days. Really… How hard can it be? I’m starting to think of diet as a little like people think of religion. There are so many different opinions and followers and believers and converts to this diet and to…

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Sunny morning love

I’ve just come back in from a morning trek and water of the vege patch. I love going out this time of day to see what has happened over night. I was quite pleased to find two flowers on the squash side by side, both open, clearly male and female…

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Here goes…!

I remember talking to friend at work a few years ago who said “this year I’m going to start a cooking blog”. I met that comment with a faily blank look and replied ‘cool… sounds fun…’ I’d never really come across blogs at that point in my life and just thought she meant she…

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