Ahh… I love a lazy Sunday.


“A sunday well spent,

brings a week of content”


We’ve had so many zucchini’s from our garden this year its not funny, there is seriously about 10 of them still in a bowl on the bench. They are a veggie I plant every year as they provide maximum reward for minimum effort most of the time. This year in particular, seems to have been great zucchini growing weather.

I’m having a super lazy day today. My first day of annual leave after what feels like a very long few months between time off. The last time off I had was for our wedding which was amazing but super busy and went far too quickly! So this time, just chilling out, relaxing, doing some study and not a whole lot else… I do have plans to get into a better morning routine though, but we’ll just see how that all pans out 😉

When we were kids, our great aunt lived around the corner. We spent a bit of time down there after school and on weekends. It was one of my favourite places to go if I was off sick from school. She always made the yummiest (but not always the healthiest…) food. One of our favourite things was her potato patties. They were basically what I’ve made below but just plain white grated potato, egg, flour and a bucket full of salt, made into patties and fried in the pan. The beat potato cakes from the fish and chip shop anyway. I loved those salty little morsels.

I’ve since come up with a slightly more healthy version, still shallow fried none the less and not to be eaten every day, but they’re full of good stuff anyway and are a great simple snack or side when you just feel like the heart and belly warming mouthful of a good old fashioned patty.

So, between episodes of Hart of Dixie I got hungry this afternoon and decided it was time to get back on the zucchini train and use one of those babies up. What better way than with some super easy veggie fritters. Even easier if you have a food processor.

I’ll have you know I was featured in the local newspaper for this recipe, bit of a local celebrity for all of two minutes! haha

They don’t take many ingredients at all and even better, not much time before you can munch them on down!



You can add any grate-able veggies that you have really but today I used sweet potato, carrot, zucchini and onion. They’re never quite the same without the onion so I don’t recommend omitting that unless you’re allergic.

So, here goes!

1 small sweet potato

1 zucchini

1 carrot

1/2 brown or red onion

pop all of these through a food processor with a grater attachment unless you feel the urge to grate an onion by hand, which really… who would willingly! Then, place into a large mixing bowl.


2-3 eggs

2-3 Tbsp flour

I used spelt flour, but it works well with wheat or buckwheat flours as well.





Mix it all around, make sure the mixture is soggy, but not too wet. Its good to have some liquid down the bottom. If there isn’t any, I’d be adding that extra egg and stirring through again otherwise they fall apart in the pan.

Now, heat a large flat frying pan to a medium heat and give a good splash of your oil of choice. I use either virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

Once the oil is hot, its time to get your hands dirty!

Pick up small handfuls of the mixture and pop into the hot pan. You want to squeeze it together and make sure you’ve got the eggy mixture in with it to hold it together. Some of it will ooze out a little around the fritter which will hold it together. Place 3-4 handfuls in at a time, you need to allow room to turn them over.






Once the mixture looks to be setting on the bottom, leave a few minutes to allow them to brown and for the veggies to cook, then turn over carefully so they don’t break apart.




Leave to cook for around 5 mins on the other side and then pop onto a plate. If you feel they’re too oily, place onto some paper towel to blot before serving. Continue on in batches of 3-4 until done. The recipe should make about 10 fritters, depending on the size you choose. Obviously, the smaller they are the quicker they’ll cook.

While they’re cooking, you can make up the herbed yoghurt. You just need a half cup of full fat greek yoghurt, Jalna is my brand of choice. Add what ever fresh herbs you like. I tend to use the fresh lemon thyme out of the garden, but chives and dill are great too.




Mix it up and set aside.

Once ready, plate them up all pretty like and pop a dollop of the yoghurt right on top!






And… enjoy!

Hope you are doing something nice and relaxing today to prepare for the week ahead.