Long time between posts, but this one I just had to share!




I had a yearning for ice cream the other day but didn’t have any so things got a bit creative. What better than a creation from foods already in the freezer and pantry.





All you need is the following:


Serves 2

250g frozen raspberries (or mixed berries are fine too)
handful of raw macadamias
Juice of 1/2 lime
1 Tbsp honey


add all the ingredients to a food processor, mix until combined and starting to become ice cream consistency, then serve.




My favourite part, the little honey pockets that you find when you least expect it. The honey doesn’t completely incorporate because the ingredients are so cold so it leaves you with some sweet little treasures.








PS. This photo was sent to me by a friend who went home and made this because she couldn’t bare not getting seconds!!